Genealogy Portal Page

So you’re interested in the Genealogy of the Kreibaum/Kreibo(h)m families? Great!

  • If you want to jump right in, visit our site at It’s got  some public databases (with data of living people excluded) that you can browse or – if you’re a family member – just go on and apply for a membership to get access to all the data including photos an sources.
  • Or you can have a look at some of the data presented here (in English, rather than the German original) – this item is still on the todo-list…:
  • Or you can drop me at note at mailto:// if you already have some questions or remarks…

Any comments are welcome (well, most of them – please don’t spam my mailbox, I don’t want to buy anything from you and this is definitely not a commercial site, so any “well meaning” offers will be dumped!).